About Us

Why buy B. Bowen?

Well, why not?  In all seriousness, B. Bowen products are good! No scratch that, actually, they’re GREAT! We make stylish, yet tough, products for all sizes of dogs, even the really big ones!

What makes us different…?

We know that some dogs can be “Ruff” on their stuff.  Sadly, most “tough” collars and leashes are boring and utilitarian looking. Every dog deserves to look good!  We use military grade webbing and heavy weight metal swivel clasps and D rings.   All of our products are Willow tested and approved (see Willow’s bio below).


Made in the USA Dog


What’s important to us…?

Made in America is important, which is why we are dedicated to producing quality products here in the USA. Let’s face it; there are no government safety standards for pet products.  Some of the news stories about Chinese made pet products are scary and if you love your four legged kids as much as we do then “Made in China” just won’t do.  Plus, it’s a great way to support the American economy. 

Who we are...

We are a family owned and operated company located in Burbank, California.  We love all animals and believe that one’s humanity is found in how we treat the animals around us.  We also believe Charles Shultz was right in saying “Happiness is a warm puppy” so we make blankets too.


Meet the Team

 Piper Saint-Clair

Piper Saint-Clair, Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Being a founding member of B. Bowen, Piper is actively involved in almost every aspect of the company, from being the cover model for our logo to managing our social media.  She uses her extensive knowledge of all things social to bring life to the B. Bowen Brand.  When she isn’t busy being social she enjoys very long walks, running on the beach and listening to Disco.  Not a fan of riding cars, but she loves when we get there.


 Willow Saint-Clair

Willow Saint-Clair, QC Tech and Product Development Assistant

Willow joined the B. Bowen team shortly after we produced our first collars and is often an inspiration for product innovation. Living by the motto “If you love what you do, then you never work a day in your life” she takes great pride in testing the limits of product strength and durability.  In her free time, Willow loves riding in cars, stealing socks and playing with just about anything and anyone.


Beth Saint-Clair, Co-Founder and Designer

Beth co-founded B. Bowen with Piper in 2014.  Feeling that there was a shortage of great collars and leashes for large dogs she set started making her own. She combines her love for dogs with her 20 years’ experience in the garment industry to create great accessories geared for the big dog.